Purchasing a Chromebook

To make an informed decision about purchasing a Chromebook it is important to have considered all of the following:



It is very important to know how your device is insured while at school, as the excess of insurance policies are usually larger than the price of a Chromebook, which is why the schools insurance can not cover these devices. Your general home and contents insurance that covers your child’s device while at school may not be adequate, which is why we have got our suppliers to offer an insurance option with their deals. 

Touch Screen

Android Apps have been adopted by Chromebooks. These Apps have been designed to be used on a phone or tablet with a touch interface. Although a non touch device will still be more than suitable for accessing the in class learning tools, there is a definite advantage to considering a touch option. A list of Chromebooks that will support Android Apps can be found here.

Chromebook Processor Speed

Chromebooks come with dual core and quad core processors. The quad core option is faster and comes with Chromebooks priced generally over $400. The dual core is slower and has a price tag in the $300 to $400 range. Both will work fine at school making this a consideration between budget and speed.

Management Console

The Google management console allows the school to manage the safety and access of the Chromebook during school hours, restricting it to keep the focus on the learning and increasing the protection of students from inappropriate internet material. The Chromebooks can be set up in a similar way by a parent (instructions below), however, the option to select a management licence with a bundle will take the effort out of this for parents.

The settings we will look to make are:

  • Internet Safe Search on  
  • Youtube safe search on
  • Guest access disabled
  • Incognito mode disabled
  • Other settings to allow for smoother integration with the school network

 How a Parent Can Make a Chromebook Safer at Home   

At school our internet is filtered and the school Google Accounts have several safety settings in place. At home there are several choices that can be made to make internet usage safer when using a Chromebook.

  • Make the house rule that devices are used in the living space where screens can be seen
  • Contact your internet provider to ask about router with internet filtering
  • Choose the option to have the school control the settings of the Chromebook through the digital management console (see above)
  • Manage the control of the Chromebook as the parent. By doing this you are able to allow access to specific people only. 

Choosing a Chromebook Bundle

Chromebooks can be purchased from a number of outlets (e.g. Cyclone Computing, Noel Leeming). Any Chromebook can be purchased and will work on our network.

We have organised the following bundle options to help families purchase a Chromebook:

 Option 1: Purchase – Cyclone computing

This is our most recommended bundle due to the strength of the insurance cover

Chromebooks can be purchased from Cyclone Computers Ltd through their website. This offer includes a carry case and three years warranty. Additional three year insurance can be purchased that covers accidental damage, theft, burglary, fire and loss.

Click here to see Cyclone Offers

  1. Click here to go to Cyclone’s website
  2. Enter login details:
    login: riccartonhigh
    password: rhsbyod

Option 2: Purchase – OfficeMax

Chromebooks can be purchased either in-store or online through OfficeMax. All orders placed through OfficeMax MySchool can earn rewards for the school. There are in-store options to purchase insurance and/or choose lease-to-buy.

Option 3: Purchase – Computer retailer

Chromebooks can be purchased in store from other suppliers such as Noel Leeming or PB Tech.

Option 4: Lease-to-buy

Chromebooks can be paid off through a ‘lease-to-buy scheme’ which is available now through all suppliers.

Option 5: WINZ advance

Chromebooks can be paid off through a ‘WINZ scheme’ for families on lower incomes. You do not need to be a WINZ client. We understand that no interest is charged.

For further information and details on how to apply for the advance, please email the office or phone 348 5073.

If you are needing  financial help purchasing a BYOD device click here