Year 9 2018: Context Class info evening

Interested in finding out more about our Context class? We are holding an information evening for our 2018 Year 9 students and their caregivers, on Thursday 2 November at 7:00pm, in the staffroom.

Our world is rapidly changing with new innovations, technologies, ideas, and inventions. No better place exemplifies this than our own backyard. The Context class is an exciting way for you to learn in a self-motivated and creative way.

What is context & how is it different?

The context class is very similar to any other year 9 class at Riccarton High School. The difference, however, is a stronger focus on presentation skills, group work, and self-directed learning. For the majority of the year the timetable is the same as any other Year 9 class, but for about four weeks of the year, students will be in project-based groups outside the classroom. They could be learning about the Christchurch Airport, the past present and future of Christchurch, or an issue facing Riccarton High School.

Learning in ‘context’ means applying and developing subject knowledge in locations that are directly related to learning. For instance, in addition to learning about how populations move around the globe during class time in Social Studies, students will have the opportunity to talk with people who are actually travelling around the country in the physical context of the airport. 

What are the contexts?

City Context 

The past present and future of Christchurch.

Christchurch Airport

Identify a problem and provide a resolution for an issue you identified at CIAL.

Riccarton High School Context

An issue that faces RHS that could include: a redesign of our buildings and or an investigation around how RHS could be more environmentally responsible.

What do I have to do?

You will have subject specific tasks to complete in groups while on context and present what you have discovered. Presentations are made up of: slide shows, speeches, videos, and skits.

Frequently asked questions

Do you miss out on anything?

No. You still have the same choices as everyone else.

What about sports on Wednesdays?

While on context we always work in the RHS library in the afternoon, so you can be part of a normal sports afternoon just like everyone else.

If this is so good, why is their only one Context class?

RHS would like to run this programme with more classes, but we are reliant on many different groups, individuals, and organisations. We can only support one class of about 28.

Will I be more challenged in a top band class?

The same teachers teach top band classes and context classes. Just like a top band class, the context class will be challenging. It’s really up to you - if you need the challenge we can provide it.

Who should apply?

We don’t require you to be the ‘top of the class’, but you do need to have a good attitude to learning. Are you willing to work in groups? Do you work well independently and take the initiative to lead your own learning? Are you up for a challenge? If so, we want you!

What do you gain from Context?

You get a wider perspective of the world by learning in real life situations. You get to learn the usual things everyone else does, but get to go out of school for airport/city context. You get to work in different groups, creating projects you wouldn’t in normal classes. - Tori (Year 13)
More freedom to try what you want while still being accountable. - Matthew (Year 11)
Public speaking was one area I gained confidence in because there were lots of times that you had to go and ask people for help. This has helped with my interpersonal skills as well as my ability to ask for help. I also gained confidence in general; context really encouraged me to be myself which has helped raise my self esteem. - Ruadri (Year 11)
The skills I have gained are learning to work with different people, working on technology, working under pressure, being creative, realising school can be fun. I have gained confidence in all these areas and it set me up for the rest of high school. - Hannah (Year 11)
What does context lead to?I’ve started up a band, joined another and did a whole lot in Lion King. I’ve also become heavily involved in film club. - Asher (Year 10)
I was a bit scared to apply for student council in year 9, but after being in context my confidence grew, and in Year 10 I applied and got in and ended up leading student council in the second half. - James (Year 13)