Riccarton High School wins the best Y7-10 NZTA Future Transport competition with Starpath Game

On Friday it was announced that Starpath has won the Y7-10 Best Game category in the nationwide Future Transport competition run by the New Zealand Transport Authority.

The Year 9 team consisting of Kaile Qian, Georgia Walsh and Kayley Johnson developed a board game to inform users about an initiative using “starpath pro” which is a sprayable coating that gives pathways an artificial glow at night which makes it safer for walkers and reduces need for lighting.

The team worked during term 2 on this as part of a collaborative project co-facilitated by their math and science teachers.

As part of this the team had to provide evidence that they investigated transport challenges, developed solutions and connected with the community as well as produce the playable game itself.

The judges were impressed with their excellent documentation, in depth play testing and top notch design process.

The students won $4000 in vouchers for the school and themselves as well as an article featuring their winning entry in an upcoming Interface magazine.

A video showcasing Starpath can be viewed at http://education.nzta.govt.nz/competition/winners-games