Blended Learning Approach

At Riccarton High School, we firmly believe the best approach is blended learning, where the primary focus is on the learning rather than the tools used to deliver it. Blended learning draws from many teaching styles such as group work, discussion and presentation. Digital tools support this rich learning environment through collaboration, feedback and access to varied media.

 Make sure to view our Student User Agreement for Riccarton High School for 2020

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

All students are expected to bring their own BYOD device to school, fully charged and ready to use, every day. In all subjects, classes will be conducted using Google Workspace for Education, Google Classroom and other online tools. So, it is essential for your child to have a device suitable for the modern classroom.

If you feel that you would be unable to provide a suitable device for the start of the year please contact the school as early as possible since there are a number of options available.

Device Recommendations:


We have identified that a Chromebook is a great device for students from Year 9 up to at least Year 11, and for many it will be the logical choice for the senior years as well. 

Chromebooks are available from many different resellers, are reasonable cost, have a fast start up time, all day battery life, work both offline and online, have consistent performance over lifetime of the  device and are not susceptible to viruses or malwareThey integrate with Google Workspace for Education which is our main learning platform and are also able to use Microsoft 365 cloud applications. 

Make sure your Chromebook has a protective case to protect it from accidental damage. 

Insurance – Damage to your child’s Chromebook or other device will never be covered by Riccarton High School. A Chromebook is often priced below the cost of your insurance excess, so you should take advantage of some of the extended warranty / Insurance offers from our retail partners. 

Specifications – Chromebooks come in several different configurations, The specifications that will make your Chromebook a little faster and more usable are RAM (2Gb or 4Gb) Storage (16Gb, 32Gb or more) and processor and speed (opt for intel and 4 rather than 2 cores) . Screen sizes and Wi-Fi specs are quite consistent across different models and the better ones will cost a little more. 

Refurbished  Chromebooks – Are Chromebooks that have been leased to an organization, that lease has ended and the devices are returned to the supplier they are wiped, refurbished, tested and the sold at a much reduced price typically under $300 with a 12 month warranty. The device may have some wear marks. But will perform the same as a new Chromebook. 

Note: If you are buying a used Chromebook please check the “Auto Update Expiration Date” more information here https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/


Note: If you already have a Chromebook : Please make sure that it has been removed from your previous schools’  “Google Management Console” as we cannot do this for you. You will not be able to use the Chromebook at Riccarton High until this has been done. 


Other Devices






You may prefer or already have an Apple or Windows computer; this is fine, and your child will not be disadvantaged. 

As long as it has- 

  • A screen size of at least 10.5 
  • A physical keyboard 
  • Google Chrome Browser Installed (or Edge Chromium) 
  • All day battery life 
  • WiFi (wireless networking standard WLAN 802.11ac 

Devices that only have WLAN 802.11b/g/n will have limited access to the school wireless network. 

Please note: Senior students studying Music, Design, Photography, CAD or Video Editing will need an Apple or Windows computer capable of running any software used in that course.

An IPAD or Android Tablet is not considered a suitable device. 

Make sure your Computer has a protective case to protect it from accidental damage. 

Insurance – Damage to your child’s Apple or Windows device will never be covered by Riccarton High School. So, you should take advantage of some of the extended warranty / Insurance offers from our retail partners. 

Free Stuff – Microsoft Office 365 is available as a free installation on MAC and Windows computers with your child’s Riccarton High School logon. 





Purchasing a BYOD device

Chromebooks and other devices are available to purchase from our retail partners or you may wish to purchase one from any other retail outletOur partners offer a variety of payment methods, insurance/extended warranty packages and Chromebook bundle packs.  


Chromebooks can also be financed through WINZ for families on lower incomes. You do not need to be a WINZ client and we understand that no interest is charged. You don’t have to be on a benefit to qualify for this help, you will have to pay the money back.  
More information can be found at this location 



PBtech are a large retailer of computers and other electronics located near the Sockburn roundabout. They can supply Chromebooks and other devices, accessories, and insurance packages. Visit their BYOD page at https://www.pbtech.co.nz/education/byod/ and select Riccarton High School

Or view devices especially selected by Riccarton High School at


BYOD Coupon Code for special discounts on selected products = riccarton123

Finance options include Humm, Laybuy, Finance Now and Q Card.

Cyclone Computers

Cyclone Computers are a specialist supplier of computers and technology to New Zealand schools

They can supply Chromebooks and other devices, accessories, and insurance packages. Visit their BYOD page at


login: riccartonhigh
password: rhsbyod


With the OfficeMax MySchool programme, you can reward your school just for buying the supplies you need for back to school or for your home office


Internet Safety at Riccarton High School

  1. All students must read and sign our “student Internet use agreement” which you can read at the end of this document.
  2. Internet use is filtered by Linewize / Family Zone and logs are made of all use.
  3. Social Media is blocked in class time.
  4. The use of VPN and proxy software to bypass filtering will result in automatic removal from the network for 2 minutes.
  5. Each student has an individual password for their account, this password should never be shared.
  6. Year 9 students will have their devices connected to the school network and configured for school use as part of the orientation program.

Internet Safety at Home

  1. Netsafe http://www.netsafe.org.nz is the best place for information and resources for internet safety at home.
  2. Make the house rule that devices are used in the living space where screens can be seen.
  3. Contact your internet provider to ask about router with internet filtering.
  4. Manage the control of the Chromebook as the parent. By doing this you can allow access to specific people only. 

Please be aware there are several considerations that you need to make when purchasing a device:

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