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At Riccarton High School, we firmly believe the best approach is blended learning, where the primary focus is on the learning rather than the tools used to deliver it. Blended learning draws from many teaching styles such as group work, discussion and presentation. Digital tools support this rich learning environment through collaboration, feedback and access to varied media.

 Make sure to view our Student User Agreement for Riccarton High School for 2020


All new students are expected to bring a suitable device to school.

An internet capable device is now an important part of student’s toolkit, giving them access to unlimited resources and enabling them to support, extend, collaborate and share their learning in a way that prepares them for the future.

If you feel that you would be unable to provide a suitable device for the start of the year please contact the school as early as possible since there are a number of options available.


We have identified that a Chromebook is a great device from Year 9 up to at least Year 11, and for many it will be the desirable choice for the senior years as well. 

Further information behind the choice to recommend Chromebooks can be found here.

We advise students taking specific senior courses such as graphics and digital art that require a higher specced device to go with a Chromebook for their junior years and then purchase the most suitable device when entering the senior school.


Many students already have a device from their previous school or a ‘hand me down’ from another family member. It is highly likely that this device can be set up to work on our network.

A suitable device would have:

  • a screen size of at least 11”
  • WiFi (wireless networking standard WLAN 802.11ac) note: Devices that only have WLAN 802.11b/g/n will connector to the slower RHSLegacy network and coverage is not available in all areas
  • a physical keyboard
  • Chrome browser installed
  • all day battery life


Steps should be taken to increase the safety of device use in the home. The most obvious answer is to contact your internet provider about getting a web filtering and having your child only access the internet in a shared living space where there is adult supervision. This approach, however, is not always possible. As a school, we feel it is our duty of care to offer the following assistance to reduce the potential for students to stumble upon inappropriate material.

  • Training for parents through workshops and instructions showing how a parent can log into the Chromebook for the first time, and set parental controls to allow for safer web browsing and greater monitoring, giving the potential for stronger conversations around digital citizenship.
  • Optionally the Chromebook can be joined to our Google Management Console, allowing for Riccarton High School to make safety settings remotely. This used to cost $50 but is now available at no charge (your Chromebook will need to be unused or wiped in order to join).


Please be aware there are several considerations that you need to make when purchasing a device: