Good Bye Kokiri – Photo Gallery.

Riccarton High School's camp of many years, Kokiri Lodge, is no longer going to be used for school camps. To remember our long history at Kokiri, we would like to share photographs from our first trip to the campsite.

With the sale of Kokiri Lodge and the purchase of Birch Hill Outdoor Education Centre, Riccarton High School's time at Kokiri will come to an end this year. 

The decision has been made by the Board of Trustees that operating a camp near Greymouth is becoming increasingly difficult, and moving to Birch Hill, which is near Glentui, would reduce camp costs and travel times for both the school and students, whilst making for a more accessible campsite.

Approximately 13,200 students have camped at Kokiri throughout its 44-year history.

We would like to commemorate our time at Kokiri by sharing the following photos, which show Riccarton's first trip to Kokiri in 1974.  

We look forward to making new memories at Birch Hill, and hope that the spirit of Kokiri continues this side of the Alps.