Multicultural events

There have been a number of multicultural events organised in term four that the cultural diversity communication team (CDCT) have been actively involved in. In this article the readers can find a brief report on some of those events.

Filipino Learning Community HUB Project - Graduation ceremony

On 7th of November, Saturday evening, 22 parents from the Riccarton High School Filipino community received certificates for completing the workshops from the Filipino learning community HUB project. 

As mentioned in an earlier article published in August’s newsletter, through this project, 20 families attended 10 workshops on a range of significant topics to learn more about the New Zealand education system. 

This pilot programme has been funded by the Ministry of Education and delivered by Riccarton High School. 

During the evening, the parent participants displayed their talents by singing a couple of father-daughter and father-son songs, and performing a group dance to Filipino music. 

The event finished with mouth-watering Filipino traditional foods. A huge shout out to the team members, Sharnali Tisi, Gisel Ong, Delia Talili, Seth Tio, Alvin Borlaza, Ann Albeza and Mary Jamito, whose sincere efforts and hard work made the project successful. 

Thanks again all the staff members who contributed time from their busy schedule to conduct the workshops on Saturday evenings. 

We also showed some videos on Tagalog language prepared on some key topics of this workshop. 

Special thanks to Andrei Talili and the Filipino students for preparing the videos. 

The Ministry has recognised the value of this programme and are committed to collaborating with us again next year.

Please follow this link to check some beautiful pictures of the event -

Chinese Parents Morning Tea

On Monday 2nd November, The CDCT arranged a Chinese parents morning tea that saw 17 Chinese families attend. 

Special thanks to Deputy Principal Shane Morrow and Kai Huang for explaining some significant areas of NCEA system to the parents. 

After the presentation, the discussion amongst the parents grew. 

The question-answer session was longer than we expected, therefore we have decided to make the event longer next year. 

Special thanks to the Riccarton High School Chinese Dance Group, who performed beautifully at the event. 

Image by: Sharnali Tisi

Image by: Sharnali Tisi