Social Media unblocked at Riccarton High School

With the unblocking of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat during lunchtimes, it is up to you to use them responsibly.

Everyone knows by now the School is experimenting with unblocking the big three social media apps during lunchtimes and before/after school. However, it is up to us, the students, as to whether the school makes this a permanent change or goes back to a full day ban. 

Riccarton High School is unblocking these apps to encourage positive social media use, so please use them to:

and most importantly 

The school is unblocking these apps under the assumption we will use them responsibly, to positively connect with our friends. 

For everyone's sake, please don't use them to cyberbully people and spread hate. Because make no mistake, if we don't use social media responsibly the school will simply re-block them all, and likely never try unblocking them again. So: be considerate, and be responsible.