International Fees

These are the current fees for 2023 and 2024. All are listed in $NZ

Tuition Fees 2024

1 year (40 school weeks) $16,000  

1 term (10 school weeks) $4,000 

½ year (2 terms or 20 school weeks) $8,000 

Administration fee: $250 (per enrolment) 

Homestay Accommodation 2024

1 week $300 – annual (46 weeks as an estimate) $13,800

Homestay placement fee: $250 (per enrolment)

Weekly homestay management fee: $20 per week

Course Costs and Activities Fees 2024

$1,000 per year, or $500 for enrolments of 20 weeks or less.

This is a contingency fee to cover courses with extra fees like art and technology subjects, field trips, any fees associated with co-curricular sports and clubs. Any unused fees will be refunded to a nominated bank account at the end of a student’s enrolment. You may be contacted if further course costs or activity fees are required.

Additional Costs

These are a guide only – to give you an idea of what to allow extra money for – and not applicable to every situation, student, or subject taken:

NZQA fees (senior students) $383.30. These are fees charged for any internal assessment or exams that students sit, which earn qualification credits for them.

Uniform $200 – $500 or $20 per item to hire (short-term stays only).

Stationery (one-off cost with replacements as required) $50 – this will cover the stationery needed for class – paper, pens, folders, exercise books, etc.

IT device – all students also need a laptop/Chromebook for school if they don’t already have one $400 – $1500+

Transport $30 per week (estimate) – students can get a Metrolink/Cando card (a bus card) to use on the Christchurch bus network. For further information on the Christchurch bus network, please use this link:

Pocket money (estimate) $1000 per school term / $7000 for a full year, if staying over Christmas. 


International students must have insurance for the duration of their planned study period.

Riccarton High School can arrange student travel insurance through Unicare or Southern Cross. If students and their families would like to arrange insurance privately the school must be sent a copy of the policy to ensure it covers all legal requirements under The Code of Practice. 

An annual insurance policy costs between $500 and $600 per student.