Better researching

Not just Google …

There are lots of other places to find information, other than Google, believe it or not.

Books – yes people still use books and we have them in an abundance.
Search the Library Catalogue for your topic.
Books are great for getting a deeper understanding of a topic. Plus if you like reading about a subject, why not see if there is a fiction book on the same topic.

Articles – Newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, scholarly and peer reviewed articles, are a great source of up to date information.
Databases are an excellent starting point to find articles on your research topic.
Check out our favourite databases here. Also check with your Teacher or the School Librarian for a list of databases for your topic.

Encyclopaedias – a good starting point to find information on a subject. We have a number of great encyclopaedias available in print and online.
Check out The World Book (available in print and online), Te Ara Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, Encyclopaedia Britannica.
These are just three of what is available. See your Teacher or the School Librarian for more ideas.


Citing your sources, Writing a Bibliography, Referencing

It is important when you are doing research, that you say where you got the information from and cite your resources.

Riccarton High School uses APA style referencing.

RHS handout “How to write a bibliography”

Easy grid for creating your bibliography

Plagiarism is when you use someone else’s work and say it is your own.