Our School Board

Our Board includes up to five elected Parent Trustees, one Staff Trustee, one Student Trustee and our Principal.

The Trustees are elected by parents and staff members every three years, while the Student Trustee is elected annually. The Parent Trustee elections were held in September 2022, and the student election is held in September each year.

The Board is also able to co-opt additional Trustee members if required.

The Role of the Board

The Board’s responsibilities include governing the school and setting its direction.

This includes the curriculum, staff, property, health and safety, finance and administration.

The long-term goals and annual targets for the school are set out in a charter, which the Board monitors and reports to the Ministry of Education on progress each year.

Meet our Board

Janine Ogier (Chair)

Monique Lindsay (Deputy Chair)

Mark Paul (Parent Representative)

Warren Poh (Parent Representative)

Brendon Eason (Parent Representative)

Neil Haywood (Principal)

Chris Singh (Staff Representative)

Khizar Abbas (Student Representative)

Andrea Dowty (Parent Representative)

Brigid McNeil (Parent Representative)

Farah Khosravi (Parent Representative)