Tō Tātou Kura

Our School

We are committed to educating the whole person.

We are a diverse community

We are diverse in ethnicity, values, and abilities. About 31% of our students were born overseas (from 44 different countries) – and with over 70 different ethnicities represented at our school, we enjoy the multicultural richness that this brings to the school.


Through our whare (house) structure and small vertical whanau groups, which meet regularly throughout the week, students receive individual attention and engage in a variety of opportunities. This enables them to reach their full potential in a caring, student-focused, academically rigorous environment.

Learning Experiences

Both inside and outside the classroom we aim to engage, challenge and support students to improve their all-round achievement as well as their personal and interpersonal skills.

Our qualification results are above the national averages and our students regularly win scholarships as well as local, regional and national competitions. The academic achievements of our international students have been consistently high and contribute significantly to our academic record.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

We have a reputation for accomplishments in sport, drama, dance, music, and with our Pasifika, Filipino, Chinese, and Kapahaka groups. These activities allow the students to achieve success as well as develop their personal and social skills, and grow a sense of commitment to the school and its culture – they help build the Riccarton experience.

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