Waimea College

Kapa Haka

Our Kapa Haka tutors are provided through the Kapahikitia Trust, which ensures highly skilled, specialist teachers dedicated to supporting schools.

Thanks especially to Tihi and Te Huaki Puanaki, and to Latoya Graham who organise our programme.

Thanks to our sponsors:

  • Ngāi Tahu Fund
  • The Ministry of Youth Development

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka started off with huge numbers and enthusiasm that carried throughout the year.

A Regional Kapa Haka Competition would be taking place in October so there was a lot to do.

The main goals were to learn, practice and polish material for a haka powhiri (the performance done to welcome people into the school) and the regional competition bracket.

Hard work and commitment to the group were established early with weekend and after school practices on top of the weekly period 5 practice time on Wednesdays.

Also for the first time at Riccarton, there were several weekend wananga (sleepovers) held at the school so the group could have even more practice time.

The regional competition bracket consisted of a waiata tira (song), whakaeke (entrance item), mōteatea (traditional chant), poi, waiata a ringa (action song), haka and whakawātea (exit item). As these all had different aspects of performance to them, some people in the group were strong in one area but not in another and so throughout the year, members supported each other to help bring everyone up to a performance level.

For many Kapa Haka group members, it was their first time performing at a regional competition and so there was a lot of excitement and nervousness within the group.

With a bigger Kapa Haka group than there has previously been at Riccarton, a lot of fundraising was done with huge support from parents to get new Kapa Haka uniforms for the regional competition.

These were worn with much pride at the competition and Te Kapa o Pūtaringamotu (Riccarton) finished 6th overall.

Everyone was immensely proud of their efforts and saw that their hard work had paid off. 2017 was a great year for the Kapa Haka group at Riccarton.

Many thanks especially to the parents (Bridget, Aroha, Christina, Tracey) to Matua, Whaea Heald, Whaea Jacques, Ms Blake, and the Kapa Haka tutors (Latoya, Tyson and Te Hauaki) who supported the group, helped with fundraising, sewed costumes, stayed overnight, prepared and served kai. Your dedication has lifted our Kapa Haka to new heights. Melanie Aitken

Kapa Haka timetable

The Kapa Haka meet every Wednesday afternoon, period 5 (from 1:40pm to 2:30pm), in the hall. Extra meetings are necessary as we approach the regionals and will be advertised here.

What’s happening with our Kapa Haka?

This year we are preparing for the regional competition, and planning the wananga we need to stand strongly. New members are always welcome, and may express their interest to Matua Mike at school, or simply turn up to the Wednesday, period 5 practices and add their name to the roll.

Wananga dates: (TBA)