Riccarton High School


Ordering Stationery

General stationery can be purchased from any stationery supplier, or ordered online through OfficeMax, Warehouse Stationery ) or Qizzle.

All orders placed through OfficeMax MySchool can earn rewards for the school.

Riccarton High School is also partnered with Warehouse Stationery as part of its Support Your Schools programme. Simply nominate us at the checkout any time you purchase items (not just school stationery), or online using the code BYSKXFV, and the school earns rewards.

Some specialist subjects (such as art or DVC) have stationery kits that can be purchased directly from the school – this makes it easier to get those specific items such as paint brushes or set squares, etc from one place. Students can purchase these from the main office, and the department will provide them with the exact items.

Stationery Lists | Rarangi pukapuka ā Kura

Each year – 9 to 13 – has a list of stationery required for each subject your child takes.

Year 9 2024 Stationery List

Year 10 2024 Stationery List

Year 11 2024 Stationery List

Year 12 2024 Stationery List

Year 13 2024 Stationery List