Strategic Reporting

ERO Report

The Education Review Office (ERO) evaluates and reports on the education and care of students at Riccarton High School. The purpose of ERO’s reviews is to give parents and our wider school community assurance about the quality of education that schools provide and children receive.

Annual Report

This reports against the school’s strategic plan. Planning and reporting are essential functions for schools to improve student progress, achievements and wellbeing.

Our Charter

The Charter is a key planning document that sets out our school’s objectives and targets for the year. This is put together by our school board and is submitted to the Ministry of Education each year. 

Education Brief

Our Education Brief sets out the school’s vision for teaching and learning for the future – and how that translates into physical spaces – to enable and support pedagogy (the practice of teaching).

Design and detailed planning of property developments at schools must:

  • Align with the Ministry’s property objectives
  • Reflect and support the character and values of the school
  • Enhance the delivery of the curriculum
  • Cater for the evidence-based teaching practices that have been shown to improve outcomes for students.

Ministry of Education Legislation

The Ministry of Education works to make sure that everyone in the New Zealand education system is aware of and meets their legal responsibilities under the education legislation, including the Education and Training Act 2020.