Our Values

Our Te Wairua o Pūtaringamotu values of Kairangi (excellence), Manaakitanga (respect), Ngākaupono (honesty), and Manawanui (commitment) are woven throughout everything we do at our kura, and we embody them through our Riccarton Wairua.

The Riccarton Way

Our strength comes from individually and collectively living the Riccarton Wairua – the philosophy that underpins the way we think, act and feel about ourselves, others at the school, and those in our local and international community. It supports our vision for our students through emphasis on the key values of commitment, honesty, respect and excellence.

The Riccarton Wairua is the glue that binds the school community, with its consistent focus on improving outcomes for students. It is an ethos that promotes a caring, supportive culture with a focus on learning and achievement. Decisions relating to the curriculum – and interactions that take place in the school – reflect these values. We reinforce the values with Te Tohu Wairua (Spirit of Riccarton Awards) for both students and teachers to recognise ‘spirit’ shown throughout the year.


To be Steadfast | Stout-hearted

Being steadfast to your values


To be Loyal | Faithful | Dependable | Show integrity

To have a true heart and to be true to yourself and others


Hospitality | Kindness | Generosity | Support

The process of showing respect, generosity and care for others


Finest | Best |

To do the best we can in search of excellence

The Riccarton Way is about:

Showing a positive attitude and taking pride in our work. We are confident enough to takes risks and show a desire to improve. By getting involved we strive to the best of our ability, take advantage of opportunities and have high expectations of ourselves.

It is about how we treat others:

We acknowledge and are tolerant of cultural differences. We accept community responsibility, respect other people’s property and care for others.