Volleyball is one of Riccarton’s strongest sports winning many Canterbury titles over the years. The school has several teams at each age group that compete over the summer in Terms 1 and 4. The school offers both indoor and beach volleyball but focus’s more on the indoor discipline.

Games are played on Monday’s after school with training’s throughout the week before school, lunch time or after school.

Trials and registration for volleyball are at the end of Term 3 and the start of Term 1.


No equipment needed for volleyball though a pair of indoor specific sports shoes definitely helps.


Seniors- Term 1- Normally both Senior A and B teams
Mainland Championships- March 1-3- Christchurch- $30.00
Canterbury Championships- March 15-17- Christchurch- $30.00
National Championships- March 25-29- Palmerston North – $900.00


The teacher in charge of volleyball is Mr Nielsen