Pastoral care

Whanau groups

Students are divided into whānau groups at each year level 9-13. Whānau teachers are the first point of contact for pastoral matters as they see students regularly.

9BE Miss Natalie Bell 9CB Mr Elliott Campbell
9HN Mrs Michelle Hemmingsen 9LC Miss Kristi Le Cren
9MC Ms Ann McCarthy 9MK Miss Kate McClintock
9RD Mr Matt Roland 9TR Ms Emma Trott
10BB Mr Remco Baars 10HR Mr Graham Henderson
10NI Mrs Rebekah Nimmo 10NS Mr Chris Nielsen
10RF Mr Alvin Rolfe 10RY Mr Sam Ramsay
10ST Mr Chris Stewart 10VE Mrs Maree Vercoe
11DN Mrs Emma Don 11HB Ms Anne Herbison
11HC Mrs Kalina Harmer-Campbell 11JR Ms Helen Jermy
11MT Ms Carla Martin 11PL Ms Anne-Marie Plummer
11PT Mr Alex Prentice 11SL Ms Annette Schnell
11TN Mr John Thomson 11WS Mr John Webster
11/12WI Ms Anna Willows 12BZ Ms Karen Browning
12CS Mrs Nikki Conyers 12GA Mrs Ruth Gamblin
12GD Mrs Jo Gordon 12GN Mr Jeff Gunn
12MH Mr Blair McHugh 12SC Mr Paddy Scott
12SH Ms Bree Smith 12SW Mrs Alexandra Schwass
12VA Ms Sharyn Varcoe 12/13MY Mr Michael Murray
13BU Mrs Margaret Butler 13BW Ms Amie Blackwell
13EM Ms Mary Edmondson 13HW Miss Tania Hawes
13JE Mr Andrew Jefferson 13IT Mr Yu Ito
13KD Ms Vanessa Kidd  13SN Mr Bruce Saunders
13WA Mr Bryan Wedlake  KG Mrs Annie King
LE Mrs Linda Leishman

Year level deans

Deans are responsible for overall well-being of students in their year level, including welcoming of new students, timetable construction/changes and course selection. Deans also monitor students who are not achieving to their potential ensuring appropriate action is taken when required.

To contact your child’s dean, please click on the links below:

Year 9 Dean – Ms Melissa Clarke

Year 10 Dean – Mr Rick Harlow

Year 11 Dean – Mr Joel Hammond

Year 12 Dean – Mr Charles Grubb

Year 13 Dean – Mrs Kara Ross


Riccarton High School has two counsellors who ensure students receive information to assist them to make positive, informed and appropriate decisions about their future. The counsellors are also available if students have specific concerns about anything at school or home.

To contact a school counsellor, please click on the links below:

Mr Steven Shaw

Ms Lara Grocott

Learning Support Co-ordinator

The Learning Support Co-ordinator oversees extra learning support required by students who have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, physical disabilities or behavioural disorders, so that they can be more successful in the classroom. Click here for more information.

Careers Adviser

Riccarton High School has a schoolwide career development programme.  It is a student-centred, holistic approach where the students at each year level are interviewed either individually or in small groups on an annual basis. The Careers Adviser also has access to comprehensive network of employers and tertiary institutions allowing for individual pathways to be developed dependent on student need.