Learning Support

There are several staff involved in learning support across the school.

Learning Assistants

Our learning assistants support students and classes across the school – Tania Cameron, Nichole Grey, Tess Morrow, Carlin McClay & Grace Bell in mainstream classes, with Louise Johnson, Julian Smith, Sharon Bowles, Dianne Payne & Gilly Matapo in the Kohanga Ako.

Student Learning Support

Any students who need support with difficult subjects or topics, who need to catch up on work missed through absence, or who need support with assessment tasks, should first discuss their concerns with their subject teacher or Kaitiaki. They could also see Michelle Hemmingsen, or email her, or call into the Learning Support area to see one of the staff (in B Block).

Computer and study rooms are available in the library after school until 4:00 pm.

In the senior school, tutorials offer the opportunity to complete work, with support and assistance where available.

What Support is Available?

Literacy tuition with teachers and/or tutors

Mathematics support

ESOL programmes and support

Gifted and talented programmes and support

Alternative courses and programmes

Timetabled tutorial support

Learning tutor support (in class and individual)

Transition support

Special Assessment Conditions (SACs)

Any students who qualify, or may qualify, for assessment assistance (such as extra time, a reader/writer, or use of a computer) must have up-to-date (within 3 years) assessments to support their need for assistance. Senior students needing SAC for assessments should have trialed this support in the junior school, and applications for this year’s NCEA have already been completed. Junior students will be screened for SAC support during the year. If you wish to start this process for your child or to discuss this process, please contact Michelle or Kim.

Information has been given to teachers for all current SAC students, and Michelle meets with senior SAC students regularly during tutorial time.


We would welcome any volunteers who are able to support students needing Special Assessment Conditions by acting as readers/writers or supervisors during assessments.

No experience is needed, and any training will be given. Depending on the student’s needs, you may help them with reading or writing, or just be in the room supervising.

These can occur at any time during the school day, or any day of the week and take just an hour or two of your time.

Please email Michelle or Kim or call them on 348 5073 ext.844 if you would like to volunteer or find out more – we would appreciate your help.

Michelle Hemmingsen

Leader of Learning – Learning Support

Learning Support Co-ordinator

Kim McEntyre

Assistant Learning Co-ordinator

Kerry McCarthy

Head of Kohanga Ako