Riccarton High School

Pastoral care

Whare structure

All students placed in one of four whāre where they will be supported by a Kaiarataki (Head of House) who will work alongside the Kaitiaki (Dean of House) and a group of whānau teachers.

Students will be connected to their allocated whāre throughout their time at Riccarton High School.

KOTUHI: Pre-dawn: Purple

Kaiarataki (Head of House): Miss Emma Cusdin
Kaitiaki (Dean of House): Mr Mel Anderson

ATATU: Day-break: Yellow

Kaiarataki (Head of House): Miss Aeronwy Cording
Kaitiaki (Dean of House): Miss Natalie Bell

WHAIAO: Broad daylight: Blue

Kaiarataki (Head of House): Mrs Kalina Harmer-Campbell
Kaitiaki (Dean of House): Mrs Kara Ross

URANGA: Dusk: Orange

Kaiarataki (Head of House): Mrs Heather Lindsay
Kaitiaki (Dean of House): Mrs Sabina Reed

Whanau classes

Each whāre will consist of whānau classes.

These classes will be around 18 students in total, covering a range of students from Years 9 to 13 with one whānau teacher.

The vertical nature of these Whānau classes will allow older students to mentor younger students.

In Te Ao Māori, this system of older and younger learning from each other is referred to as tuakana–teina.

Whānau classes will meet for two short, 20-minute sessions each week and one longer session which will allow for a stronger focus on academic mentoring, life skills, embedding aspects of well-being and resiliency.

Atatū: Yellow

Mr Charlie Grubb: AGB
Ms Fiona Logie: AGR
Ms Lisa Heald: AHD
Ms June Milne: AME
Mrs Aneta Matagi: AMG
Mr Blair McHugh: AMH
Mrs Tanya Mapp: AMP
Miss Rebekah Narbey: ANB
Mr Chris Nielsen: ANS
Mr Lachlan Paewai: APW
Mrs Leanne Anderson and Mrs Kate Rowlands: ARW
Mr Bruce Saunders: ASN
Ms Joanne Blake: ATR
Mrs Maree Vercoe: AVE
Mr Alexander van der Peet: AVP
Mr Bryan Wedlake: AWA 

Kōtuhi: Purple

Mrs Tara Bell: KBEL
Ms Karen Browning: KBZ
Mr Elliott Campbell: KCB
Ms Silvina Helou: KHL
Mrs Louise Edmonds: KES
Ms A King: KKG
Mr Matt Kippenberger: KKP
Ms Carole Lake: KLK
Miss Lydia Mills: KMI
Ms Sue Napier: KNP
Matua Ramon Roberts: KRE
Mr Matt Roland: KRD
Mr Paddy Scott: KSC
Mrs Alex Schwass: KSW
Mr John Thomson: KTN
Mr Eric Wang: KWG

Uranga: Orange

Mr Remco Baars: UBB
Ms Amie Blackwell: UBW
Ms Juliet Fry: UFR
Ms Georgina Kavale: UGI
Mr Jack Gibson: UGS
Mr Joel Hammond: UHM
Mrs Michelle Hemmingsen: UHN
Miss Tania Hawes and Mr Neil Haywood: UHW
Mr Yu Ito: UIT
Miss Kristi Le Cren: ULC
Mrs Susan McCabe: UMCB
Ms Anne-Marie Plummer: UPL
Mr Andrew Regaldo: URG
Ms Delia Talili: UTL
Mr John Webster: UWS

Whaiao: Blue

Mrs Sarah Blissett: WBI
Mrs Nikki Conyers: WCS
Ms Sarah Dunn: WDN
Ms Sarah Eaton: WEA
Mr Ezra Fa’alogo: WFL
Mr Jeff Gunn: WGN
Mr Andrew Jefferson: WJE
Ms Kerry McCarthy: WMCY
Mr Shane Morrow: WMO
Miss Jena Nielsen: WNL
Mrs Cerys Roberts-Smith: WRB
Ms Courtney Robinson: WRO
Mr Mike Seddon: WSD
Ms Annette Schnell: WSL
Mr Chris Stewart: WST
Mrs Lucia Teague-Schellekens: WTS


Riccarton High School has two counsellors who ensure students receive information to assist them to make positive, informed and appropriate decisions about their future. The counsellors are also available if students have specific concerns about anything at school or home.

To contact a school counsellor, please click on the links below:

Chris Singh

Lara Grocott

Ann McKenzie

Learning Support Co-ordinator

The Learning Support Co-ordinator oversees extra learning support required by students who have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, physical disabilities or behavioural disorders so that they can be more successful in the classroom. Click here for more information.