Gifted & Talented (GATE)

Riccarton High School runs a gifted and talented programme for our students. A GATE Co-ordinator works with teachers to identify and assist gifted students in achieving their goals. Students may be referred by their previous schools, teachers or parents, or they may self-nominate. Students who meet the criteria will have an individual education plan put in place to ensure everyone is aware of their needs and goals. These are reviewed annually.

Whenever opportunities are identified, students are invited to participate. These opportunities may occur within subject areas, in which case the subject teacher will organise things, or they may happen outside of school, in which case the GATE co-ordinator will assist. There are many opportunities out there for extension and enrichment, including competitions, events and subject-specific camps and conferences.

Able students are also often invited to take part in our extension and enrichment programmes, so it pays to keep an eye on the notices and newsletters for details of upcoming events.

Riccarton High School