All students must wear the full and correct uniform and footwear at school, to and from the school, and on all school visits.  All uniform items should be clearly named.

New uniform provider

From the beginning of term 2 (29 April) Riccarton High School will be using a new company to supply our school uniform.

This means that you will be able to go to their shop on Blenheim Road, try on what you need, purchase it in the store and take it home.

Address: 455 Blenheim Road – just down the road from school (opposite the Z service station on the corner of Curletts Road and Blenheim Road).

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm.

NZ Uniforms: www.nzuniforms.com.

If you have any questions, email: rebecca@riccarton.school.nz

Girls’ Uniform

  • Navy jersey with vertical stripe.
  • Navy cardigan with school logo.
  • Short or long-sleeved white blouse with red and blue pinstripes.
  • Short-sleeved white blouse with embroidered collar.
  • Navy skirt with double pleat and/or wrap-around skirt – worn on or just below the knee.
  • Unisex shorts or trousers.
  • Navy or black under the knees socks, no branding.
  • Navy or black ankle socks, no branding.
  • Navy or black tights.
  • Plain black leather lace-up or buckle-up T-bar leather traditional style school shoes, with rounded toes, heels, and no decorations or adornments.
  • Blue fleece-lined jacket, must have school logo.

Boys’ Uniform

  • Navy jersey with vertical stripe.
  • Navy cardigan with school logo.
  • Short or long-sleeved white fitted shirt with red and blue pinstripes.
  • Navy or charcoal trousers.
  • Navy shorts.
  • Navy or black walk socks, no branding.
  • Navy or black suit socks, no branding.
  • Belt – black or navy leather with plain buckle.
  • Plain black leather lace-up, traditional style school shoes with black laces, rounded toes, heels, or, plain black slip-on leather with square toes, and no decorations or adornments.
  • Blue fleece-lined jacket, must have school logo.

Physical Education and Sports Uniform (Year 9 and 10)

  • Clean non-marking sports shoes.
  • Blue and red V-neck t-shirt with white piping.
  • Blue and red sports shorts with white piping.
  • Navy blue tracksuit pants are optional for winter.

Additional Clothing

  • Riccarton blazer.
  • Scarf – wool, navy with school stripe – may be purchased at the office.
  • Years 9-12 tie – blue with school crest.
  • Year 13 tie – red with school crest.
  • Navy and red school jacket with school logo.
  • Bucket/brimmed hat in school colours – no caps.

Other Uniform Requirements for all Students

Students’ appearance should be neat, tidy and smart.

Makeup should be minimal and discreet.

Clear or natural coloured nail polish is permitted.

Hair must be neat, clean and tidy, and of conventional colour and style. Hair ribbons, bands and bobbles should be either red, blue or white.

Male students must be clean-shaven.

The following jewellery items are permitted:

  • a watch
  • 1 or 2 studs or keepers in each ear
  • 1 Taonga or necklace
  • 1 ring

Body piercings-nose studs, lip/tongue studs and eyebrow rings are not permitted. This includes plastic retainers.

Any garment worn under school uniform must not be visible, including t-shirts and polypros. T-shirts must be white and no pattern should be visible through the shirt or blouse.

Shoes must be clean

Hoodies, sneakers or sports/skate shoes or any other non-leather shoes are not part of the school uniform. They are not to be worn to or from school, or around the school except in Physical Education classes or sporting activities.

Trousers or shorts are to be worn so that the waistband sits at the hips or waist.

The school reserves the right to take action against students who do not meet these uniform standards.

If there are cultural reasons why you can’t meet our uniform regulations, your parents must make contact with the appropriate Dean. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

Any items which are deemed offensive by the school will need to be removed or covered up.


  • The PTA sells second-hand uniforms on behalf of families.
  • Any uniform pieces for sale can be dropped off at the main office during term time. Downloading the second-hand uniform resale form and having it already filled out will speed up the drop-off process.
  • We have two uniform sales per year, dates will be advertised on the school’s website and in the newsletter. “Pop-up” second-hand uniform sales may also be held during the year (dates being advertised on the website and in the school newsletter nearer the time).
  • We accept all items of the school uniform for sale as long as it is in an acceptable condition. When filling out the form, please note the type of uniform piece and size it is e.g: short-sleeved striped girl’s blouse. If in doubt visit NZ Uniform’s website for more information on the item.
  • Payment for the second-hand uniforms can be cash or Eftpos.

Click here to download the second-hand uniform re-sale form.