Riccarton High School has a school-wide career development programme.  It is a student-centered, holistic approach where the staff and parents/whanau, led by a specialist Careers Adviser, work together in the best interests of every student.

The careers team is available to students and their parents or caregivers.

Career planning is a lifelong process and students at Riccarton High School take important steps along the way.

Our Careerwise site is full of great information about upcoming events, news, available jobs, tertiary study, and scholarships as well as tips for looking for work.

Career Development Strategies:

Individual career development interviews each year

Counselling for career problems and decision-making

Some testing to help you find suitable career options

Information about careers and training providers

Careers library of books and videos

Online information and career tools

Work experience placements

Courses to help you make decisions

Career planning courses

Noticeboards and newsletters

Assistance with CV preparation

Interview Preparation

Assistance with job applications

Information on scholarships and help with applications

Students Can Expect:

Short and regular appointments as required

Tasks to complete in order to help solve career problems

Reliable and up-to-date information and advice on career matters

Challenges to make them think, and encourage them to take all the necessary steps in order to reach their potential

Career events to be listed in the school calendar

STAR Courses

Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource are a great opportunity for senior students to have a taste of a tertiary programme or a tertiary provider while they are at school. Course fees are met through the Ministry of Education.

Careers Team

Lou Heenan

Careers Advisor

Jane Hall

Vocational Pathways Co-ordinator