We are proud of our uniform and wearing it correctly with pride demonstrates respect for our Riccarton Way.

All students must wear the full and correct uniform, including footwear at school, to and from school, and when representing the school.

NZ Uniforms

Uniform can be purchased online or in store at NZ Uniforms, 455 Blenheim Road, Christchurch – just down the road from school (opposite the Z service station on the corner of Curletts Road and Blenheim Road).

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm.

NZ Uniforms have a range of payment options including Uniform Club and financing.

NZ Uniforms can also prepare WINZ quotes. See the flyer for more information and a price list of uniform items.


If you have any questions, email: rebecca@riccarton.school.nz


Uniform requirements

Top half, select from:

  • Short or long sleeved white uniform blouse with red and blue pinstripes
  • Short sleeved plain white uniform blouse with RHS embroidered on collar
  • Short or long sleeved white uniform shirt with red and blue pinstripes
  • Navy-blue jersey with stripe and school crest
  • Navy-blue cardigan with stripe and school crest
  • Tie (optional) – blue with school crest: Years 9-12
  • Tie (optional) – red with school crest: Year 13 only 
  • Sunhat (optional) – blue bucket hat with school crest
  • Navy-blue blazer (optional) with red stripes and RHS crest

We recommend the purchase of 1 jersey or cardigan and at least 2 blouses or shirts 

Bottom half, select from:

  • Navy-blue box pleat skirt
  • Navy-blue wrap-around skirt
  • Navy-blue shorts
  • Navy-blue or dark grey trousers (not black): grey trousers now only available secondhand. 
  • Belt (optional): black or navy leather with plain buckle 
  • Plain navy-blue or black socks
  • Navy-blue or black tights: can be worn with skirts instead of socks
  • Plain black leather school shoes

We recommend the purchase of at least 1 skirt/shorts/trousers, 2 shirts, 1 jersey/cardigan and at least 3 pairs of socks


We are noticing a number of students attending school wearing incorrect footwear. While we appreciate that parents and caregivers may have just purchased footwear for their child, going forward, when it comes time to replace your child’s shoes, we would like to ensure there is no ambiguity surrounding the guidelines for the correct school footwear. 

School shoes are to be plain, black leather. Sports shoes are only to be worn during physical education and sports activities. An example of the correct footwear options are displayed below:

An example of correct footwear.

An example of correct footwear.

Footwear is to be plain, black, full leather, with no brand imaging visible (i.e. the Nike tick).

An example of incorrect footwear.

Consider for Winter

  • Navy-blue jacket with school crest
  • Red and navy-blue jacket with school crest: now only available secondhand
  • School scarf: available for purchase from the school office
  • Plain navy-blue or black beanie without logos

Physical Education and Sports (Years 9 and 10)

  • Clean non-marking sports shoes
  • Blue and red V-neck t-shirt with white piping
  • Blue and red sports shorts with white piping
  • Navy-blue tracksuit pants (optional)

Other Uniform requirements for all Students

The purpose of the following requirements are to wear the uniform with respect so you can:

  • Present yourself as a respectful Riccarton High School student
  • Consider health and safety considerations
  • Be prepared for a community life, during and after high school

With respect in mind, these are the requirements for presenting yourself:

  • Students’ appearance should be neat, tidy and smart
  • Minimal makeup 
  • Neat, clean and tidy hair which may need to be tied up or covered at times for health and safety.
  • Health and safety must be considered when wearing any jewellery: think small and discreet and be prepared to remove jewellery for certain subjects and activities.

Jewellery includes:

    • Taonga or necklace
    • Ring
    • Bracelet
    • Earrings: students with ear piercings must wear studs, sleepers or discreet earrings
    • All other piercings must be removed or replaced with a small stud or clear retainer

Any garment worn under the school uniform, including t-shirts and polypros, must not be visible.

Hoodies, sneakers, sports/skate shoes, or any other non-leather shoes are not part of the school uniform. They are not to be worn to or from school, or around the school except in physical education classes or during sporting activities.

If there are cultural reasons why students can’t meet our uniform regulations, parents or caregivers must make contact with the appropriate Kaitiaki (Dean). Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

Any item the school deems inappropriate or a potential health and safety risk will need to be removed or covered up.

If a student temporarily cannot meet the uniform requirements they must report to Student Services before school. Student Services will supply a loan item or a uniform pass for the day. Students who choose not to follow the school uniform requirements may face disciplinary consequences.